People Need People.


March 16, 2013 by Marshall

A few days ago I went to a mall. Next to the entrance to Chapters was a young teen. Propped up on the brick her sign read something to the effect of “Homeless and Hungry”. I nearly walked by her and into the mall, however, my mind had been changed. My hand went from door handle to wallet, and then to hers. After a few spoken words of civility, I left her still sitting in the cool air of a Canadian March, sitting on a cold slab of concrete, against a cold wall of brick.

I’ve heard people say about how going out of their way to help people makes them feel good. Countless people have spoken of how they have felt satisfied after they have committed a “good deed”. Fulfilled even.

Me? Well, sure it felt good. Did it feel as good as it could have?

It was nice to take some time out of my day and invest in someone’s life. It was nice to see her face light up. It was nice to be genuinely thanked.


But she seemed surprised that someone helped her. Surprised that someone took 20 seconds of their time to stoop and have a minor, nearly impersonal interaction. Surprised that someone would give her some rectangular piece of paper. How can I feel good about that? How can I feel satisfied, or fulfilled? How could I be proud about something so little.

So little to what could have been done. I could have sat down next to her and conversed. I could have prayed for her. I could have at least taken her to the food court and then sat down. When Jesus had a paralyzed man brought to him, he first attended to the man’s spiritual needs. Jesus saw the man’s physical needs as secondary to the man’s spiritual needs. Now, Jesus still fed 5,000 and 4,000, so he wasn’t against helping to feed people either.

So, people need people. You can be classified under both “people”, dear reader. You need people. And people need you.


6 thoughts on “People Need People.

  1. starrystez says:

    Agreed but isn’t it so often forgotten in today’s world?

    • Marshall says:

      I am not entirely sure as to what you are referring to. However, I shall assume that you mean “doing good” and the such. Yes, it would seem to be forgotten, or ignored. The sad part is that it really isn’t particularly difficult to do anything small, and people often stop at the very small things, like I did in that particular episode. I know that some people have a personal quota of random acts of kindness to fulfill per day. Does that mean that once the predetermined number of acts are committed that one needn’t show kindness for the remainder of the day? Now, if one wants something to be remember, others must be reminded. Action speaks louder than words. If a picture is worth one thousand words, then one second of film is worth 24,000 words. Human eyes have have a considerably higher frame rate…

  2. 😀 it made my day to see this show up in the tag I posted about! It’s awesome to see people participating in this. I also totally agree with what you’re saying here, and I really wish it was something more widely acknowledge.

  3. Anna says:

    Reblogged this on ~The Annalist~ and commented:
    If you like me, I figured you might like my brother. Or at least some of his recent thoughts. I sure did.

  4. tjmcfee says:

    Reblogged this on brainsections and commented:
    A sandwich and a hot cup of coffee would have been a good idea too. — T.J.

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